Thursday, November 17, 2016

Things You Should Know When Buying Cocktail Dresses

Have received the invitation for a cocktail party? Okay, it's time to pick out the right dress, if you don't know how to find the right cocktail dresses on sale, the below suggestions you should take in mind which would help you find the dream dress.
one shoulder blue cocktail dress
Take the season in mind. Choose an ensemble that is appropriate for the time of year and style it accordingly. A colorful floral number and strappy sandals might be just right for a springtime soirée, while a winter event will likely call for closed-toed shoes and an evening coat. A touch of fur is ultra-glam for cold-weather months. If it's around the holidays, the dress code tends to open up to include options with a festive bent (think metallics and siren red).
If you don't know the dress code, keep simple. If you're afraid of being overdressed, understand that casual is not its opposite. An minimalist slip dress is an elegant option that won't run the risk of looking overly fancy or informal. Adorn with jewelry and statement accessories for extra glamour—you can always remove and stow them in your purse if need be.
Choose the right fabric and styles. We rarely say this, but consider your comfort level. Parties are as much about the socializing as they are about the style, and if you're not at ease in your ensemble it will affect how enjoyable your evening is.
Consider the accessories. That is not really the case, you may want to choose a contrasting color to compliment rather than match. Some accessories might be too flashy that they totally change the look of the dress. You must always be aware with the number of colors the dress can be worn with, whether it can be worn with gold or silver jewelryand even the type of shoes that can be worn with the dress.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses under $100

While you probably want your bridal party to look as polished as possible, it's also important to consider their budget limitations. You may be lusting after a custom-made couture number, but you don't want to ask your friends to break the bank on a bridesmaid dress they'll only wear once.
In general, the cost on bridesmaid dresses aren't beyond $150, and luckily there are lots of bridesmaid dresses under $100 online you may find. Below are some fashion styles and also cheap dresses from, have a look and hope you can like them.
1. White A-line Strapless Chiffon Short Bridesmaid Dress With Black Sashes
sweetheart white bridesmaid dress with black belt
2. New Style One Shoulder Knee Length Short Bridesmaid Dress
champagne one shoulder ruched bridesmaid dress
3. Dashing A-line Halter Style Chiffon Short Orange Bridesmaid Dress With Sashes
halt orange short bridesmaid dress
4. Bonny Red Chiffon Tiered Bridesmaid Dress With White Sash
red chiffon two layered bridesmaid dress

Tips for Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

Shopping bridesmaid dresses must be one of hardest work for the bride-to-be, there are so many things you should take in mind. First of all, you should know there is no one style dress which can match everyone's taste, so try your best to match most of them. Below are our tips to choose the bridesmaid dress, hope these would help you.
halter chiffon short orange bridesmaid dress
Search for the right style online. Pinterest must be one of the best website where you can browse thousands of gowns, bookmark your favorites and share them with your friends, and then find stores in your area that carry the dresses you love.

Order the larger size. A bridesmaid dress is typically ordered using a person's biggest measurements, so your friends will likely buy dresses at least a size larger than they normally wear. If a friend wants to buy a size smaller, let her know it's much easier to alter a bigger dress, and if the dress ends up being too small, she'll likely have to order a new one and you'd hate for that to happen.

Pick out the right color. There are several foolproof ways to pick the perfect color. One of the easiest methods is to play off of the color schemes of the venue and the season. If you're still at a loss for exactly which hue to choose, go for a general color, like green, and let your bridesmaids pick their favorite shades from light to dark for a trendy, mismatched look.

Set a budget in advance. In general, the bridesmaids would pay for their dresses, so it would be not too expensive. There are so many kinds of bridesmaid dresses under $100 online you may find. If you don't want your maids cost their arms and legs, help them find a reliable website and place the order.