Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Where to Find the Right Tulle Skirt

Tulle skirts are being more and more popular among young ladies, have you found one for your next party? The flattering tulle skirt is really attractive and it can match most your your sweaters when Spring is coming. Here are some fashion styles you may fall in love with, take a look at them and hope you can like.
1.tea length ball gown tutu skirt for adult
knee length grey tutu skirt
2.tea length ivory tutu skirt for adult
light tulle knee length tutu skirt
3.knee length light pink tutu skirt for adult
pink two layer tutu skirt
4.Short champagne tulle tutu skirt for adult
short satin and tulle tutu skirt 
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Where to Find the Right Tulle Skirt

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Suggestions for Choosing Plus Size Wedding Gown

Wedding always be the most important thing during your life, of course, but there are so many things you should consider for the big day. It’s the time to consider your wedding gown after your engagement, if you are a plus size women, take the below suggestions in mind when buying your wedding gown.
A line wedding dress with appliques
Choose the dress which can flatter you. Finding the perfect dress is more than just choosing what’s slimming: Plus-size brides are usually steered toward an A-line dress, and that works for some but not for all. A good consultant will take into consideration the bride’s style, shape, and comfort level to find a look that fits her vision. Bottom line: Let your dress reflect your personality, and don’t submit to a curvy-girl stereotype.
Don’t delay. You may be hoping to lose weight before you start looking, but the longer you wait, the less options you’ll have. I may be your fairy godmother, but I’m not a miracle worker. Gowns take six to eight months to come in, so if you wait too long you’ll be limited to what’s in stock. Dresses can be altered to accommodate weight loss, but trying to find the One from the back-room stock is a plus-size bummer, so go as you are, because that’s how your groom likes you!
Remember that it’s your experience. Not your mom’s, not your aunt’s, and not the sales consultant’s. Don’t buy a dress just because you’ve been there for hours, you’ve tried on tons of options, or everyone around you is urging you toward something you don’t love. Buy the dress that makes you feel so beautiful and happy that the only thing that could top it is meeting the love of your life at the end of an aisle and saying “I do.”

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Remember These Things When Buying Wedding Gown

There are so many things you should consider if you are looking for wedding dress, such as the color, style and price. As the bride-to-be, the below tips you should be interested in, read on and hope these would give you some help.
lace ball gown wedding dress
Make sure you have enough time to choose the dress. It’s important to have the rest of your wedding details in place before you can truly shop for a gown, since many factors can influence the style of the dress. One of our real bride bloggers. Also, the colors you choose for your bridesmaids and d├ęcor can influence whether you choose white or an off-white shade. Keep an open mind. If your consultant recommends something different, give it a try. It’s impossible to tell what a dress will look like on your body just from seeing it on a hanger. If a bride is fuller in the hip area, she might have a mind set that she can’t wear a fitted dress. However, what she may not know is that a more fitted dress would show off her curves, fit beautifully, and make her appear more slender as opposed to covering up.
Don’t buy the dress you don’t like. If you find yourself liking a dress but also having doubts, or if you’re feeling pressured from a part of your entourage or a salesperson to make a purchase, it’s okay to go home empty-handed, sleep on it, and return at a later point if you’re still dreaming about the dress.
Make sure the price won’t break your bank. Make sure you are completely clear on your budget before you hit the salon—and make sure that the salon you choose respects your budget. In fact, there are so many online stores you would find which provide cheap wedding dresses, you can have a try, but be careful and patient when choosing your dress online.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Six Gorgeous Lace Wedding Gowns

Lace wedding gowns are a timeless classic that has been beautifully brought into contemporary wedding fashion in a number of beautiful and unique ways. We have picked six of fashion lace wedding dresses to illustrate just how diverse this timeless trend has become. Feast your eyes on these beauties!
mermaid lace wedding dress
mermaid lace wedding dress
jewel lace wedding dress
mermaid lace wedding dress
sheer lace wedding dress
sheer lace wedding dress
scoop mermaid lace wedding dress
scoop mermaid lace wedding dress
scoop lace wedding gown
scoop lace wedding gown
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Friday, February 3, 2017

How to Choose Maternity Wedding Dress

It's hard to find the perfect wedding dress for the brides-to-be, and also harder for the pregnant women. Here we collect some useful tips for choosing the right maternity wedding dresses, keep reading and hope this article would give you some help.
scoop empire maternity wedding dress
Choose the right silhouette to conceal your bump: For pregnant brides who want to hide their growing tummy, a strapless empire waist dress with a lace or tulle overlay is a smart choice. Not only will the empire waist highlight the smallest part of your torso, but the nature of the fabric will create a light illusion of the lace as a beautiful design, taking the focus off the lower portion of a bride's figure.
Choose the right silhouette to flaunt your bump as well: Channel the star on your big day by rocking a look that showcases your bundle of joy, just remember to find the right fabric. Silk jersey, English netting and some laces will have elasticity to allow a bit of give and stretch to take shape of the silhouette and hug a 'happy hump.
Always size up: Usually, it takes four to six months to get your wedding dress once you order it, which means your belly will have grown exponentially by the time you finally slip into the white gown. To ensure a proper fit, you'll want to carefully study sizing charts provided for the dress you're considering. The general rule of thumb is to add an inch to each measurement for each remaining month of pregnancy from now until your wedding date. Once you do the math, see where you end up on the designer's sizing chart and order a dress one size larger.
Embrace extra panels and corsets: Don't freak out if your final fitting day arrives and your dress is too tight. There's an easy solution: panels and corsets. Ordering a yard of the identical fabric from your gown designer will get the materials ready in preparation for an expert seamstress to do her magic. By adding a large panel in the closure of the gown in place of the zipper or the buttons and securing with a corset, you'll get a little growing room as well as cinch in the smallest part of your waist. It's literally the best way to change the fit of the dress up until the very last minute.
Keep it simple: There's no need to go overboard with an intricate, over-the-top gown or tons of statement jewelry for pregnant brides. You need to remember that your bump should be thought of as an oversized accessory; don't try to compete with it.