Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How to Wear for Wedding Party

You should pick out the right party dress from your wardrobe when invited to a wedding party, then what should you wear? It is not easy if it is the first time for you to attend wedding party, and you should make sure your dress is appropriate. Here are some suggestion for you, read on and learn.

Formal Wedding Party: This is the easiest dress-code to adhere to with the least amount of stress. Even though it’s an evening wedding and you might wonder if black is OK, the answer is yes. And dress it up – note that if you opt for long, or knee-length with a shawl, you’ll stay warm all night. My favorite look is subtle but stunning, and mono-toned but perfect in color.

Semi-Formal Wedding Party: The hardest to dress for since it borders on cocktail attire – but careful, because you don’t want to look like you’re set to go to the club. I always recommend a knee-length dress that shows either arms or chest, but not both. And if you’re wearing sleeveless, bring a shawl. Actually, bring a shawl no matter what!

Casual Wedding Party: Whenever I hear of a casual outdoor wedding, I automatically assume it’s set on the beach. Casual is nice because it’s easy on the wallet and likely the most comfortable thing you’ll ever wear to an event. Just remember that casual does not mean flip-flops nor does it mean slobby. Opt for structured and not skin tight, and you’ll be sure to look a winner.

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