Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Right Cocktail Dress Hide the Issues of Your Body

Many occasions require the cocktail dress, and nearly every woman has one in her wardrobe. If you are looking for your cocktail dress for the upcoming party, things you should take in mind are all listed below, hope these tips can help you find your dream dress.
one shoulder sequin blue cocktail dress
Chest: Smaller chests will benefit from an empire waistline, because it accentuates a woman’s bust. Women who want to downplay large bustlines can choose fitted shift dresses, which are normally made with higher necklines.
Arms: There are several ways of disguising arms; they depend on the individual woman and her particular situation. For upper arms, cap sleeves can be chosen in either opaque material, or in lace. To cover entire arms a long-sleeved cocktail dress is a good option.
Belly: An empire waistline dress is often the most flattering style for a larger belly. Because attention is drawn away from the midriff and toward the bust area, a woman can relax comfortably.
Legs: To show legs off to their fullest degree, women can choose the quintessential "little black dress." However, if the opposite effect is intended, a maxi dress or a long, strapless dress can create a focal point around the shoulders and the face, rather than the lower half of the body.
Hips: An A-line dress can be the perfect disguise for larger hips, because it actually values the hip area as a positive feature, rather than a negative. Since A-line dresses are formed a bit spacious to create hips where they are lacking, if fitted right, they can also be used to create an illusion of hips that appear smaller.

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