Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Choose Flower Girl Dresses for Little Angels

Are you looking for the flower girl's dress for your little angel? Want your little girl can be the princess as you? Now remember these tips on choosing the perfect flower girl dresses online to strike a balance between her dress and your wedding theme.
bateau flower girl dress with flowers
Select a fabric that won’t wrinkle, tear or stain, as these issues are last minute hair-pulling hassles. Don't select silk, as it meets all of these criteria and is expensive. Instead, focus on durable, inexpensive materials woven from blended fibers of other fabrics, such as satin.
Avoid extreme designs and severe color or pattern contrasts. You don’t want the dress to clash so much in style, color or design that it distracts everyone from your dress or the decor.
The “mini bride” look is adorable and allows your flower girl to feel like she’s you. Yet, an exact replica can cause a safety or comfort problem, and takes eyes off the grandeur of your dress. Pick different hair accessories or a custom dress that features elements from your own, such as similar colors or embroidered patterns.
If you want your her stand out, don’t give up on traditional designs. You can accent a traditional dress with an accessory -- glossy ribbon belt, colorful flower hair clip or sparkling tiara -- that makes the dress stand out in a positive way.

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